ModelDesign provides a variety of design, modeling, development and training services.

Smalltalk development

We are expert in Smalltalk development, with experience in all major dialects:

  • VA Smalltalk
  • VisualWorks
  • Pharo
  • ObjectStudio
  • Dolphin Smalltalk

We can maintain your existing application, provide enhancements, or develop entirely new applications.

User interface design

Many older Smalltalk applications have a dated appearance. We can quickly and economically give them a modern, streamlined appearance.

We also improve conformance to user interface standards. Making your application look and work like others minimizes user training and errors and increases confidence in your software applications.

Mentoring and training

We will help you rapidly bring new employees up to speed on object design and Smalltalk development.

We can train your people, using either project-centered mentoring, classroom instruction, or a combination of both.