ModelDesign provides software development and consulting services to clients in a variety of industries. We specialize in object-oriented design and modeling using the Smalltalk language.

Software development
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With experience in all major Smalltalk dialects, we can maintain and enhance your existing applications, or develop new ones.

We specialize in updating older applications, giving them a modern look and feel while improving usability.

Our enhancements can extend the life of your software, increase user productivity and reduce training time.

Interface design
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User interface design is the heart of good software. We can help you create software that is unmatched in usability and appearance.

We are skilled at designing  intuitive user interfaces for both client- and web-based applications.

We can streamline your current application, or help you design new interfaces that are simple, elegant, and effective.

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We provide practical solutions to real-world optimization problems.

Our software currently saves customers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Using evolutionary computation techniques, we can solve complex, intractable problems in logistics, scheduling, and many other application areas.

If you can measure it, we can optimize it.